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Number Title
0.1 Mid-term activity report
2.1 D2.1 List of datasets/databases to be included in analytical database, with metadata
2.2 D2.2 Digitized historical data set of phytoplankton
2.3 D2..3 Collated data in database and outputs available for analysis
2.4 D2.4 Analytical results detailing spatio-temporal patterns in plankton assemblages over a range of scales
2.5 D2.5: Digitized historical data set of zooplankton in high latitude waters
2.6 D2.6 Collated data and analyses provided to WP4
3.1 D3.1 draft - Validated remote sensing plankton biomass algorithms for the Atlantic and Southern Ocean
3.3 D3.3 draft - province-specific microbial stocks, rates of group-specific production and trophic interactions in the Atlantic Ocean
3.4 D3.4 [Draft] Report on the seasonal cycle of primary productivity and phytoplankton biomass in the Atlantic an d Southern Ocean
4.2 D4.2 Protocol for combination and conversion of plankton data to model variables and parameters
5.1 D5.1 Global hindcast of planktonic ecosystem under current climate conditions and delivery of selected outputs to the GreenSeas database
5.2 D5.2 Report on error quantified hindcast with data assimilation
5.3 D5.3 Joint report on model metrics and validity of GreenSeas database for model assessment
5.4 D5.4 Report on parameter estimation by data assimilation
5.5 D5.5 Report on uncertainty assessment
5.6 D5.6 Recommendations for the next generation of plankton models
5.7 D5.7 Peer reviewed papers
6.1 D6.1 Comparison of the in-situ database and the remotely-sensed time series
6.2 D6.2 Report on extensions of the list (Platt and Sathyendranath 2008) of ecosystem indicators extracted from remotely-sensed data
6.3 D6.3 A template for concise ecosystem description, to be produced from remotely-sensed data, suitable for comparison with descriptions arising from ecosystem models
6.4 D6.4 Time-series of ecosystem status for the Atlantic and Southern Oceans, produced from remotely sensed data
6.5 D6.5. Report on and analysis of the comparison between ecosystem descriptions made using the remotely-sensed time series and using ecosystem models